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Like every other racing driver Alex can offer advertising on the car, the bigger the sponsorship, the bigger the sticker and the more awareness can be promoted through social media, newspaper / magazine articles and word of mouth. However, that’s not all sponsorship is about and it definitely isn’t all Alex can offer you.


Alex in action at Cadwell Park on his was to his first win

Although that helps, it also has a lot to do with brand association. If you have an exciting, fast paced business, motorsport sponsorship reinforces this dynamic and exposes your consumers further to your brand message. On the other hand, if your business sector struggles to promote excitement in consumers, sponsorship is a brilliant way to gain a competitive edge against the rest of the industry and associate yourself with an entertaining and exhilarating sport and it doesn’t even stop there. Through sponsorship opportunities and experiences you could never imagine are opened up for you, your staff and your customers.


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